Terms and conditions


Conditions of admission

The student must be over 17 years old to benefit from BLCI services or accommodation with a host family, and over 18 years old for accommodation in a residence or hotel.

Minors or foreign students who are not nationals of the European Economic Area are subject to special admission conditions (see Registration ).

Financial conditions

Participation in the services provided by BLCI requires payment in euros of the following costs:

Registration fees

This fixed fee covers the administrative costs linked to the student's course at BLCI .

Stay costs

The amount of fees varies depending on the duration, frequency and type of services chosen.

Cancellation fees

If the customer takes the initiative to cancel the reserved courses, BLCI charges cancellation fees (see Cancellation ).

Bank charges

All bank and interbank fees borne by BLCI are the responsibility of the client.


Conditions common to all students

The customer can register in three different ways:

  • Online on the website
  • By email or postal mail
  • Straight to school

The student will provide BLCI with an identity document and, where applicable, a student visa allowing them to obtain a residence permit covering the duration of their studies.

Minor students

Students under the age of 18 on the course start date will provide BLCI with authorization from their legal representative, the insurance certificate from their legal representative (see insurance) and a health form.


Special Conditions of Sale for groups supplement these General Conditions of Sale.

Withdrawal period

The student has a withdrawal period of 14 days . This period runs from the date of acceptance by the customer of the General Conditions of Sale . The latter will notify his right of withdrawal in writing by postmarked postmark. BLCI undertakes to reimburse the customer for all sums paid within 14 days following the date on which it was informed of the withdrawal decision. Reimbursement will be made by the same payment method used during registration and to the same payer. However, BLCI may use another payment method after the customer's agreement.


Payment of accommodation costs and additional costs is made:

  • In cash
  • By credit card
  • Wire Transfer
    International Bank Account Number: FR 761690 6200 2751 08112193 393
    Bank identifier Code: AGRIFRPP869
    Account owner: Biarritz Language courses institute
    Bank name: Crédit Agricole

The client will have paid the entire amount due for accommodation costs to BLCI at least two weeks before the start of the courses or at least two weeks before arrival at the accommodation.


Cancellation results in cancellation fees payable by the customer, which vary depending on the date of cancellation and the type of services ordered. Any shortening of courses or stay before the client's arrival is considered a partial cancellation, therefore cancellation fees will apply to the canceled period.

Any request for cancellation of a service must be made in writing or by email to BLCI at the following address: connexion@blci64.fr or in writing by post, the postmark being proof of the following address : Biarritz Language Courses Institute – 26 bis avenue Voltaire – 64200 Biarritz, FRANCE

BLCI will send the customer an email validating the cancellation request and indicating the amount of the related costs.

Only the date of receipt of the cancellation request is taken into account as the effective date of the cancellation.

In the event of cancellation and with the exception of groups, BLCI will systematically offer the customer a postponement under the conditions provided for in the article postponement or modification of services below.

Cancellation at the customer's initiative

If the customer cancels several types of services (courses, activity, accommodation, etc.), the cancellation fees are cumulative.

Fees in the event of complete or partial cancellation of accommodation

Any shortening of your stay or postponement of dates before arrival is considered a partial cancellation: cancellation fees will apply to the canceled period.

Cancellation fees are a minimum of 80 euros and cannot exceed the price equivalent to 4 weeks of the accommodation booked. To these costs are added the administration fees which are not refundable as well as any shipping costs.

Fees in the event of cancellation of another service

Cancellation at the initiative of BLCI

In the event of pure and simple cancellation of a service at the initiative of BLCI (in particular due to lack of students registered in the program), the price paid by the customer is refunded.

In all cases, the cancellation or postponement of services cannot give rise to the payment by BLCI of damages, for any reason whatsoever.

Postponement or modification of benefits

At the customer's initiative

The customer benefits from an automatic postponement of his service a maximum of 3 times , this is valid for a maximum period of 12 months from the date of registration. An absent student is not entitled to any postponement regardless of the service for which he or she is registered: lessons, accommodation, activity, transfer, etc. The customer refusing this postponement will then have to pay cancellation fees to BLCI (see cancellation).

On the initiative of BLCI

In the event of postponement of the service, BLCI offers the client new dates for the delivery of the service. If the customer accepts them, the price initially paid corresponding to full payment of the postponed service is charged to the price of the new service and constitutes full payment of the latter. The student is informed that BLCI will not necessarily be able to provide certain courses below a minimum number of students – which will be determined by BLCI based on organizational requirements and teacher availability – and declares accept this possibility. If a course is not provided as initially planned, BLCI will inform the customer concerned as soon as possible and will offer them as a replacement – at BLCI 's choice – another type of course. If the customer refuses the service offered as a replacement, the price initially paid to BLCI will be refunded. In any case, BLCI will endeavor to reschedule the canceled service. BLCI does not provide French lessons (nor any other services) on public holidays. These legal vacation periods do not give right to any postponement.


BLCI declines all responsibility in the event of loss, theft or damage to the customer's personal effects occurring on BLCI 's premises or on the premises of its service providers.

Health, accident and civil liability insurance as well as cancellation insurance must be taken out by the customer himself.

Students present a copy of their insurance certificate when registering.

Image rights

BLCI may take photos of students in order to use them to illustrate promotional materials (brochures, websites, etc.), unless otherwise advised by the student or their legal representative. This refusal must be specified in writing at the time of registration.

In the event of a breach by the student of BLCI 's Internal Regulations, management reserves the right to interrupt the training of the offending student without notice.
Read the Internal Regulations.

In the event of a student's failure to comply with the rules imposed by a service provider, the service provider reserves the right to interrupt the service of the offending student without notice. These rules can be consulted with the service provider. In the case of a stay with a host family, the student undertakes to respect the rules of life which will be transmitted to him by BLCI before his final registration.

Protection of personal data

In accordance with the Data Protection Act No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978 as amended, each student has the right to access, rectify and oppose personal data concerning him or her that BLCI may be required to process for specific purposes. of its activities. As this is a strictly personal right, the right of access, rectification and opposition can only be exercised by the student proving their identity or their legal representative if they are a minor. . It can be exercised by simple letter addressed to BLCI .


The French courts will have jurisdiction to hear any dispute relating to the interpretation or execution of any of the provisions of these conditions. Only French law is applicable.

Any registration for our courses implies acceptance of the general conditions mentioned above.