Our know how


Who we are

Philippe Lacoste

He has been managing FLE (French as a Foreign Language) teaching staff for 15 years. He started his first language center combining French lessons with different sports. In 2003, he decided to start a new organisation, BLCI, which now offers a wide range of French courses, sports and cultural activities...

Isabelle Charbonneau

Our head teacher has a 15 year-experience in FLE as teacher and manager in various language centers in France. Isabelle’s first FLE experience was when she opened her own school in Bournemouth, England. She continued her career in FLE in France, which ultimately encouraged her to open a new school in Biarritz.

We want to offer and share our expertise with you for a special discovery time full of exchanges and friendships abroad

Our expertise and our goal

We offer you a complete immersion in a family atmosphere where everyone can feel confident, comfortable and learn French through a varied program of activities, both academical and social.

  • Our staff is here to welcome you and advise you
  • We offer a dynamic and people-centered approach in teaching,
  • Attentive and available, we strive to meet your needs

We embrace our differences to create together a socially and culturally enriched circle of friends