French and Surfing

With this program, BLCI offers you 20 French lessons every morning and Surfing in the afternoon.

Standard Courses: 20 weekly lessons

CEFR program: carrying out a task according to a specific communication objective by acquiring and using the necessary linguistic, grammatical and cultural knowledge

  • oral expression
  • listening
  • reading
  • writing

And to develop accuracy and fluency in language, we practice through role plays, simulations and discussions.

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1h30 of surfing in the afternoon 5 times a week

Practicing Surfing at BLCI in Biarritz offers a unique and enriching experience, combining language learning with the joys of surfing.

Natural language immersion

By choosing a language school in Biarritz , you are immersed in an authentic French-speaking environment. Surfing allows you to communicate with locals and other enthusiasts, thus strengthening your language learning in a natural and immersive way .

Relaxed and friendly atmosphere

Biarritz , renowned for its laid-back culture, offers the ideal setting for combining learning French with surfing. BLCI creates a friendly and encouraging atmosphere, promoting positive interactions between students and instructors.

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Complementary activities

BLCI offers complementary activities in addition to French lessons, of which surfing is often an option. This diversity of activities allows students to vary their experiences and discover the local culture in a practical way.

Physical and mental benefits

Not only is surfing a great way to stay active , but it also provides mental benefits , promoting concentration , stress management and emotional balance . These benefits translate positively into language learning .

Learning life skills

In addition to language skills, Surfing teaches important life skills such as perseverance , risk management , and understanding nature and the marine environment .

Creating lasting memories

The combination of learning French and Surfing creates memorable memories . Shared experiences on the waves and in class strengthen bonds between students and create unique moments that will remain engraved in the memory.

Choosing BLCI with a Surf option offers much more than just language immersion. It is an opportunity to learn French in a dynamic and inspiring context , while enjoying the physical and mental benefits of surfing.

9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., monday to friday / 20 lessons of 45 minutes.



In partnership with Surf Schools on the Côte des Basques, we offer Surf lessons in the afternoons. Sessions supervised by state-certified surf instructors who offer you a program adapted to your level.

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