French and Golf

French lessons every morning and golf training in the afternoon. Whatever your level, you will encounter all game situations at varying degrees of difficulty.

Standard Courses: 20 weekly lessons

CEFR program: carrying out a task according to a specific communication objective by acquiring and using the necessary linguistic, grammatical and cultural knowledge:

  • oral expression
  • listening
  • reading
  • writing

And to develop accuracy and fluency in language, we practice through role plays, simulations and discussions.

Biarritz , in addition to being renowned for its surfing beaches , also offers prestigious golf courses . Benefiting from golf lessons while learning French at BLCI in Biarritz has several advantages.

Cultural immersion

Golf is a sport practiced and appreciated by many people in the French-speaking world. Participating in golf lessons with BLCI in Biarritz offers a unique cultural immersion , allowing learners to become familiar with the cultural and social aspects associated with the sport in a French-speaking environment.

Active practice of French

Participating in golf lessons requires constant communication with instructors and other players. This provides learners with a practical opportunity to use and strengthen their French language skills in an authentic context.

Social interaction

Golf is often considered a social sport . Golf lessons offer learners the opportunity to develop relationships and enrich their network with local people and other learners, thereby contributing to the enrichment of their social and linguistic experience .

Learning in a relaxed environment

Unlike some more competitive sports, Golf is often played in a more relaxed setting . This creates an environment conducive to learning French , where learners can feel comfortable exchanging and expressing themselves in the target language.

Multi-sensory experience

Learning French while playing Golf engages different senses, from coordinating movements to listening to instructions . This multi-sensory approach can strengthen the retention of language knowledge and make learning more memorable.

Discovery of Biarritz

The golf courses in Biarritz are located in a remarkable environment , offering the opportunity to discover the city and its surroundings while participating in golf lessons. This helps make learning French more engaging and attractive.

Stress management

Golf is often seen as a relaxing sport . Learning French while playing golf can help learners manage the stress associated with learning a new language , creating an atmosphere conducive to concentration and reflection.

Benefiting from golf lessons while learning French at BLCI in Biarritz combines physical activities, cultural immersion and socialization, offering a diverse and enriching approach to learning the French language.

9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., monday to friday / 20 lessons of 45 minutes.



BLCI offers you Golf Lessons on free afternoons. The Ilbarritz Golf Course is a unique complex in Europe, located on the edge of the beaches , it stands out for the beauty of its site and its technical level. Whatever your level, you will encounter all game situations at varying degrees of difficulty.

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