Cours de Français et de surf chez Biarritz Language Courses Institute

In partnership with Surf Schools on the Côte des Basques, we offer Surf lessons in the afternoons. Sessions supervised by state-certified surf instructors who offer you a program adapted to your level.

Biarritz: capital of surfing

For almost 50 years , this board sport has been part of the daily life of Biarritz , its image, its culture and its economy.

Surf schools, surf shops, sports competitions, surf nights, etc. so many activities in homage to the ocean.

A city open to the Atlantic Ocean, built at the foot of the Pyrenees, Biarritz receives swells from the sea varying from 50 cm, for the calmest periods, to 5/6 meters on stormy days. Thus, during your stay, you will be able to evolve and progress in average waves of 50 cm to 2 meters and water at 23° in summer.

Sessions supervised by state-certified surf instructors who offer you a program adapted to your level.

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Composed of 20 lessons of 45 minutes spread over a week, this course offers a progressive immersion in the French language . With a maximum number of 13 students per class , we promote an environment conducive to interaction and personalized learning.

French and Surfing

With this program, BLCI offers you 20 French lessons every morning and Surfing in the afternoon.

Practicing Surfing at BLCI in Biarritz offers a unique and enriching experience, combining language learning with the joys of surfing.


French courses for young people over 50.
You will participate in the 20-hour Standard Course and benefit from afternoon activities.

Private or duo lessons

Subscribing to private French lessons at BLCI offers an individualized and effective approach to learning the language, integrating local and cultural experience in an immersive way.

Private lessons allow in-depth personalization of teaching. Teachers can adapt content, exercises, and methodology based on each student’s specific needs, skill level, and learning goals .

Sports week

Cultural week

Welcome to an extraordinary linguistic experience that goes beyond the classroom. Our language program seamlessly combines immersive French lessons with the exploration of the captivating landscapes and rich culture of the French Basque Country.