Randonnée au Pays Basque avec Biarritz Language Course Institute

A picturesque adventure in the heart of the Basque Country! Our hike will take you through stunning landscapes, where majestic mountains meet the Atlantic Ocean . We will follow trails winding through green valleys and picturesque villages. Let yourself be immersed in the cultural richness and natural beauty that make the Basque Country an exceptional place. Prepare for breathtaking views , moments of peace and a deep connection with Basque nature . Put on your hiking shoes and join us for an unforgettable experience!

Where ? Basque Country (30 minutes by bus from Biarritz)
What ? Hiking in the mountains. Panorama of mountains, ocean and history of the country
4 hours including transport
5 participants minimum

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French courses for young people over 50.
You will participate in the 20-hour Standard Course and benefit from afternoon activities.

Sports week

Cultural week

Welcome to an extraordinary linguistic experience that goes beyond the classroom. Our language program seamlessly combines immersive French lessons with the exploration of the captivating landscapes and rich culture of the French Basque Country.